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Feeling a little nippy this winter? Spare a thought for Icewine grape pickers. In the depths of mid-winter Canada, these cold-hardy wine-loving troopers are called from their beds in the dead of night to trawl vineyards laden with frozen grapes, often in temperatures of -10°c or below. The reward? A few tiny droplets per grape of pure, sweet and tangy juice – the purest essence of the wine grape. This nectar-like liquid is used to make Icewine – the world’s purest, freshest and fruitiest sweet wine.

This week I chat with Mark Torrance and Renee Wright from Peller Estates Winery in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. Temperatures there have dropped below -25°C over recent weeks – pretty unpleasant for humans, potentially wonderful for Icewine! Apparently there’s quite a nice waterfall nearby too…

To learn more about Peller Estates Winery, visit www.peller.com. To learn more about wine in general and to book onto a course, visit www.wsetglobal.com

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Episode 4

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