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by Oddrop
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This week’s Oddrop is the oddest yet. Kombucha is a soft drink that can be simply defined as 'raw fermented tea'. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Touted by some as a health drink and by others simply as a fantastic alternative/accompaniment to alcohol, we have recently become quite fond of this delicious, fizzy, acidic beverage.

This week we learn from Adam Vanni, co-founder of JARR Kombucha (and Europe’s first Kombucha tap room) about the origins of Kombucha and the slightly Doctor Who-esque process behind it. Also, producer Lou buys Lucy a new pet for Christmas, a SCOBY…

To follow our Kombucha brewing efforts, check out our Instagram/Twitter feeds at @Oddrop_Podcast

To get your hands-on Adam’s Kombucha, head to www.jarrkombucha.com

For tips and ingredient for brewing your own, visit www.happykombucha.co.uk


Episode 5

by Oddrop