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This episode discovers Sake, a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from rice. Not a beer, not a wine, not a spirit, sake is a category all of its own. We talk to sake educator Honami Matsumoto, who gives us a run-down of the very specialist polishing and brewing process that goes into making sake and helps us to break down the category into different styles.

Sake is a hugely diverse drink with so many nuances and sub-styles - this podcast gives just a little taste of this amazing drink. We hope to follow this episode up later down the line by looking at some of the super-special and slightly more off-piste styles of sake, so watch this space!

A little heads up, there's a lot of new terms to learn, so we've plonked a little glossary on our website at www.oddrop.co.uk/podcasts/sake

The incredible sake we tried in this podcast can be purchased online from Hedonism Wines:

Keigetsu Gin no Yume Junmai DaiginjoKeigetsu Aikawahomare Tokubetsu Junmai

For more info on Sake and Honami herself, or to purchase some beautiful sake ware, visit www.houseofsake.co.uk

To book onto a sake course, visit www.wsetglobal.com.


Episode 7

by Oddrop