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by Fast Labs
Off Course

Ben Hoffman- The Fire Within


Ben Hoffman is an American long course triathlete with many half Ironman and full distance wins under his belt and has been one of the more consistent performers in the Ironman for over a decade. Ben has been at the professional level of the sport for 15 years and has worked his way to being a contender for the win whenever he toes the line. He's been on the podium in Kona and was 4th last year and is hunting for that world championship win.

Ben talks with me about what drives him as an athlete and as a person. He talks some tactics and a good bit about what's going on in his mind during training and racing. He also shares some of what its like to be a professional triathlete and a new dad.

We hope you enjoy this episode of Off Course with Ben Hoffman, a great athlete and a great guy.


Episode 19

by Fast Labs