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Off Course

Oc 12// Robin Carpenter. Artist on the Bike and in the Kitchen. #theartofthebreak


Robin Carpenter of Rally Cycling joins us on the podcast to talk all about the artistry that is getting into the breakaway in Europe. Robin has proven himself to be quite proficient at this over the past two years and earning himself several podium finishes as well as an epic foray off the front at Fleche Wallone.

He lets us in on the wheelings and dealings that go on in the break and how he navigates the situation to go for a classification leader's jersey or the win.

He also tells us all about how he got into baking and the secrets to a great loaf of sourdough and how some of these upstart baker-cyclists are ruffling his feathers.

Join me and Robin for a close look at the art of the perfect sourdough loaf and how those techniques cross over in the professional peloton. Let's go get Off Course with Robin Carpenter.


Episode 12

by Fast Labs