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by Fast Labs
Off Course

Sara Vaughn- #betterwithage #fasterasafamily


Sara Vaughn is one of my inspirations as a coach, a parent and as an athlete. She's a role model to so many athletes on how to continue to follow their dreams while being a great parent, a working professional and a partner.

Sara talks about the journey to the World's team in 2017 and how she and her husband Brent made it all work. From late night runs, to real estate showings in her running gear, Sara has bucked the trends of professional running for a decade and is hoping to continue to do so after baby #4.

We also talk about the struggles for female runners looking to start a family or continue running with one. Sara talks about what's changing in the running world for women and what she still grapples with as a professional.


Episode 14

by Fast Labs