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Off Gassing: A Scuba Podcast

Round Table Discussion: Toxicity in the Scuba Industry

Off Gassing: A Scuba Podcast
Off Gassing: A Scuba Podcast

Let's face it, the world has no shortage of assholes, and the scuba industry is no exception. I am sure you know one or two. Maybe you’ll run into one this weekend on the dive boat. Maybe, you narrowly escaped an encounter last week at the dive site.

In this Round Table, I sit down with Rosa, Sarah, and Olivia and discuss Toxicity in the scuba industry. Please enjoy!

Are you enjoying the Round Tables as much as me? Do you have any suggestions for topics you would like to hear? Would you like to be a part of a Round Table Discussion? Reach out and let me know.

Sarah: @azul.unlimited
Rosa: @rosamancebo1
Olivia: @fullysubmergedscuba

Off Gassing: A Scuba Podcast
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