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by Aram Melkoumov
Off the Record with Aram

CEO of ACTO on product market fit, defining core values and funding (with Parth Khanna)


Parth takes us through his entrepreneurial path and obstacles he had to overcome while building his business.
We talk about product market fit, figuring out your company values, scaling and fundraising.

Key talking points:

- Product market fit - what to look out for
- What kind of mindset you need to secure funding and build relationships with investors
- What company culture really is and how to define your core values

About Parth Khanna

Parth holds an undergrad degree in neuropsychology, two law degrees, and US patents in AI and NLP-based technology. He was an EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist in 2018 and right now is the CEO of a healthcare and life sciences company called ACTO.

Before founding ACTO, Parth worked on training and developing people through founding and serving as President of Creating Legal Acuity in Student Environments (CLAUSE). In 2014, Parth and his roommates from the University of Waterloo had the vision to help people “Act today”.



by Aram Melkoumov