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by Aram Melkoumov
Off the Record with Aram

The right way to build your brand online from scratch (with Nelio Leone from UrbanMonks)


Key talking points:

- How Nelio hacked his way into marketing while being on vacation
- Key considerations for founders to build their brands on social media
- What elements make social posts hyper-successful

About Nelio:

Nelio has been a growth marketer for nearly a decade, and he has a passion for building edgy brands with digital flair. He is the founder of Urban Monks, a growth marketing agency he started in early 2019, dedicated to building awesome brands and helping entrepreneurs earn their own "Black Belt".

Before going down the entrepreneurial route, Nelio was a marketing manager at L’Oreal in Paris, Director of Brand at Careem and Head of Growth at Washmen. He was the first Marketer to join Careem and helped the company scale from Newborn to Unicorn and was recently bought over by Uber. He then replicated a similar success story at Washmen where he helped the company scale from start up to a solid SME.

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by Aram Melkoumov