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Office Ladies

Holiday Mailbag

Office Ladies
Office Ladies

This week Jenna and Angela answer your fan mail questions and revisit some past “Office” episodes. Jenna brings in Michael’s “coffee” drink from “Chair Model” to share and it quickly gets turned into an adult beverage. Angela gets redemption over saying “chunk it,” and the ladies go through some wedding invitations, baby pics and more, sharing some wonderful, heartfelt fan stories. Plus we have some exciting upcoming news. So please enjoy this episode while you get ready for the holiday break, we love ya!

-Just for Laughs- https://jflvancouver.com/show/office-ladies-queen-elizabeth/

-Chocolate Truffles from CCCC- https://www.chocolatechocolate.com/

-Quackery book - https://bookshop.org/p/books/quackery-a-brief-history-of-the-worst-ways-to-cure-everything-lydia-kang/16594494

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