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by TcsjrBigfoot
Ohio Bigfoot Hunters

Special Guest Butch Young


Butch Young.In October of 1985,in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Bridgeport, California,I saw something that haunted me for over 20 years.After doing some research,and after talking to Bigfoot Researchers, and,some soul searching,I could only deduce, and come to the conclusion,that what I saw,were 2 Sasquatches,during a Mountain Warfare Training Operation,with the USMC.In fact there 4 "incidents" that month,that related to Bigfoot activity.After the Navy,I have had a career in Nursing,Ive worked Security, and even a little bit Law Enforcement as a Correctional Officer.Im trusted in these areas of work.Im a trained observer and thus, a trained "reporter," as well."Strange things" do exist,they are out there.Not only do they go "bump" in the night,they are watching us.........



by TcsjrBigfoot