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by Justine and Matilda
Old Boys Club

My Milkshakes!!!


Are the boys in the yard, or is that an abysmal govt sexual consent education video? This week's extra-special mini* episode of Old Boys Club goes deep into the origins of THAT Milkshake Video, and why it's way worse than you think.

Thanks for listening!! The government has taken the video off its website, but you can still watch it in our Facebook group, where you can also share memes, give feedback, and ask all your #auspol questions. Hate Facebook? We're also on Instagram and Twitter, or you can email us oldboysclubpod@gmail.com.

This episode was produced by Anthony Furci and Alex Tighe, mixed + edited by Alex Tighe. Theme music by Alexis Weaver. Hosted by Justine Landis-Hanley and Matilda Boseley.

*Matilda is in Sydney! So we recorded this episode before she left.


Episode 3

Season 1

by Justine and Matilda