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by Justine and Matilda
Old Boys Club

Scomo vs "tHe EViL oNe"


Happy Friday friends! (And welcome to all our new listeners! We are so so happy to have you here - please hit follow!!) On this week's episode: Australia has halted flights from India – what does this mean, and what does race have to do with it? And why has federal MP Craig Kelly been kicked off Facebook? Then, we deep dive into Prime Minister Scott Morrison's appearance at a Christian churches conference last week, where he said he's doing God's work. Why has this made some Aussies uncomfortable and do we have a real separation of church and state? 

PLUS we have a new segment! We tell you what's coming up in the week ahead in #auspol: the federal budget, a meeting between Brittany Higgins and the PM, AND the Tasmanian state election.

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This episode was produced by Alex Tighe and Anthony Furci, mixed + edited by Alex Tighe. Theme music by the amazing Alexis Weaver. Hosted by Justine Landis-Hanley and Matilda Boseley.


Episode 4

Season 1

by Justine and Matilda