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On a Mission Podcast

I Quit Drinking For One Year, Was It Worth It? Hosted by James Burtt

A personal journey.

I didn't think I had a problem with alcohol, but in 2021 I found that it had become acceptable for me to pour myself a glass of wine most nights.

The crazy thing was I was always looking at ways to improve my mindset and physical health, but up until that point, I’d excluded alcohol from the equation. You’ve got to have some vices, right?

The problem was I was no longer getting what I needed from my relationship with alcohol. It was starting to become a bad habit that wasn’t serving me. It may not have been the problem, but it certainly wasn’t the solution, and whilst ever I was using it as a crutch for an instant dopamine hit, I was avoiding doing the inner work that was required to help me live a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.

I recognised that I needed to take a tactical break and stop drinking alcohol to really see what I was capable of.

In this special joint episode with James Burtt producer of the One Year No Beer podcast, I give an honest insight into what it was like going completely alcohol-free for 2022 with no agenda. I share the pros and the cons without any of the fluff, so if you’re considering making some changes, then this is worth a listen.

The One Year No Beer Podcast will inspire you to take, or support your journey on a 30, 90 & 365 day challenge to stop drinking and focus on healthy habits.

You can follow James Burtt Here: https://www.instagram.com/jamesburttofficial

Check out the One Year No Beer Podcast here: https://www.oneyearnobeer.com/podcasts/


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Not so long ago, life was barely recognisable for Ellie McKay, raising three children under five, battling post-natal depression, facing redundancy and walking into the job centre to claim benefits with a double pram, no confidence, and wracked with insecurities.

Fast forward to today, and life looks very different. Ellie committed to turning her life around for herself and her family. Following this commitment, she got to work and has now built multiple successful companies, as well as having created a multimillion-pound property portfolio from a standing start.

Ellie is now on a mission to make a positive impact and add value to others through her podcast which has attracted phenomenal guests worldwide. The show is specifically to help those trying to reach their full potential through its inspirational and motivational content, as well as challenging conventional wisdom to discuss all the “hot topics” in a relentless pursuit of the truth.


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