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Part 2: Homeless Millionaire Reveals How To Escape The Matrix - with Simon Squibb

The second of an epic two part conversation with Simon Squibb, the multi-millionaire on a mission to change the world.

Despite selling his business for more money than he could spend in his lifetime, Simon is hell-bent on giving it all away. He passionately believes we all have the entrepreneurial spirit within us and wants to encourage as many people as possible to break free from the shackles of the matrix to take control of their financial destiny.

Simon uses his viral social media accounts to reach millions of people every week to spread a message of positivity and hope through the possibilities of entrepreneurship without any of the fluff.

In his own direct manner, Simon is not scared to speak his truth as he warns people away from the next get-rich-quick scheme and explains why he thinks a lot of the advice given is hugely damaging, especially around leveraging debt.

He’s a man with a big heart and an even bigger mission; enjoy!


  • The present education system is completely broken and doesn't give people the tools they need in order to exist in the world of today. We're still adhering to an archaic programme of what people needed generations ago.
  • Sometimes the best way of unlocking the entrepreneurial spirit inside us, is to harness the skills of another entrepreneur. Combining forces can be the key to unlocking our own power.
  • Business masterminds are born for two reasons - either the circumstances demand that they do something in order to survive, or they find their true purpose and make it happen.
  • We're conditioned to believe that in order to get through life, we simply have to memorise facts and slot into our pigeon hole in society. It takes an entrepreneurial spirit to see outside of these limitations and achieve true freedom.


'People freak out a little bit when you talk about change'

'A tool to live in the real world is how to manage money'

'The questions isn't "Are they an entrepreneur?". The question should be "What kind of entrepreneur are they?"'

'People come out of school thinking that cave life is better than being out in the wild. Being out in the wild is living!'


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Not so long ago, life was barely recognisable for Ellie McKay, raising three children under five, battling post-natal depression, facing redundancy and walking into the job centre to claim benefits with a double pram, no confidence, and wracked with insecurities.

Fast forward to today, and life looks very different. Ellie committed to turning her life around for herself and her family. Following this commitment, she got to work and has now built multiple successful companies, as well as having created a multimillion-pound property portfolio from a standing start.

Ellie is now on a mission to make a positive impact and add value to others through her podcast which has attracted phenomenal guests worldwide. The show is specifically to help those trying to reach their full potential through its inspirational and motivational content, as well as challenging conventional wisdom to discuss all the “hot topics” in a relentless pursuit of the truth.


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