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The Shocking Secrets Of A Celebrity Bodyguard - With 'The Real-Life James Bond', Will Geddes

In this episode, I’m joined by celebrity bodyguard and “The Real Life James Bond”, Will Geddes. With over two decades of experience in the security sector, Will has put his own life on the line countless times to protect top politicians, world leaders, celebrities, billionaires and royals. But what does it really take to make that choice - to be willing to sacrifice your life for someone else?

In this week's show, Will talks to me about his most controversial missions, how he earned the nickname "The Real Life James Bond", and why the key to unlocking our warrior side is to face the unthinkable from time to time...


  • When you come from tough beginnings, you start to assemble the suit of armour - that defence that carries you through the rest of your life. It's learning a survival skill at the outset.
  • The only way to truly grow into the best versions of ourselves is to face the dangers of life and to have the uncomfortable-conversations. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and you'll grow much faster.
  • We need to trust our children to make decisions for themselves. We need to keep an open conversation between ourselves and them. We need to be on the same team as our children. These three factors are the key to a successful, safe relationship with our children.
  • The ultimate reward, when it comes to protecting someone, is not the monetary gain, but the knowledge that you've prevented evil from winning out.


'We are all shaped by our experiences in positive and negative ways'

'Nothing shocks me any more!'

'We need to go through hardship, We need to hear the stuff we don't want to hear'

'Never ever underestimate anybody!'


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Will Geddes - https://www.willgeddes.com


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