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by The Brand is Female
On my plate

Cynthia Loyst: finding pleasure in multisensory food experiences


We all know food can be a tricky topic. Food is both a pragmatic human need, as well as a multisensory experience -- a balance today's guest has been chasing her entire life. On My Plate is thrilled to welcome Cynthia Loyst to today's episode. In case you don't know, Cynthia is known as the voice of reason on CTV's The Social, as well as the high priestess of hedonism, being the creator of the online hub and book Find Your Pleasure. Cynthia grew up in a small town that was limited in terms of food assortment. More than that, her parents saw food as something was necessary, but not to be indulged too frequently. As a result, Cynthia came to know certain foods as 'naughty', which continues to have a huge impact on her culinary life. Listen to this week's episode to hear an honest conversation about how foods have changed significantly throughout her life, the significance of early food experiences, and how she has developed a hybridization approach in order to trust herself to experiment.


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Episode 13

by The Brand is Female