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by Studio Rhoad
On The Rhoad

$900 Lug Nuts


If you’ve been listening to this show for a while, then you know how much I love good design and aesthetics in general. Logos, package design, typography, photography. All of it. And that’s why I’m very excited to have on today’s guest, Jarrett Seng. He owns and operates Raceseng which produces high-end (dare I say luxury) automotive parts. For example, one of the marque products is a set of titanium lug nuts that sell for $900.

You’re probably thinking what lunatic would pay $900 for lug nuts. The answer is they aren’t buying lug nuts. They are buying the experience that the Raceseng team have designed. And that’s why Jarrett is on the show. He’s going to share how they take a seemingly commoditized product and created a lucrative business around selling high-end experiences.

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Episode 16

by Studio Rhoad