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by Diana Erickson
One Sweet Dream

Album Series: RAM Part 1: "Creation" with RAM engineer Eirik Wangberg


This multi-part episode is a celebration of Paul and Linda McCartney's brilliant and important album RAM. In part one, Diana talks to Eirik Wangberg, the engineer who spent two months alone in a studio with Paul McCartney during the making of RAM. Wangberg's access put him in a unique position as an observer and collaborator. Wangberg paints a vivid picture of Paul and Linda, providing dimension to Paul in this period. Few people can provide this level of insight given the insularity of Paul and Linda McCartney in 1971, so it was a treat to speak to the charming Wangberg. Notably, Wangberg also had a major impact on the album as the engineer who both chose the final tracklist and sequenced and mixed the album.


Episode 22

Season 1

by Diana Erickson