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by Kate Loree, Sunny Megtron
Open Deeply Podcast

Andrew Gurza - Controls His Joy Stick - Ep 17


Andrew Gurza, award winning Disability Awareness Consultant joins us for a second episode in which he tells us about his exciting, new sex toy company, Handi along with the company’s first ground-breaking sex toy, the Joystick, that will put pleasure within reach for tens of thousands of disabled people as soon as early 2022. Andrew also drives home the power of using humor to reach people who would otherwise be too intimidated to learn about disability. Using such terms as “bear in a chair” and “queer cripple”, Andrew says that he makes discussing disability less scary for both himself and others. And Andrew isn’t shy about discussing sex. He unpacks both his exciting and traumatizing emotional experiences related to accessing sex as a disabled person, describing why these experiences have led him to having a more tantric mindset regarding sex. Please join us for another episode of Open Deeply as we learn how to break down ableism, face our fears about disability, and laugh with Andrew as we do it.

Andrew Gurza is an award winning Disability Awareness Consultant and the Chief Disability Officer and Co-founder of Handi, a sex toy company that puts pleasure within reach for disabled people. Andrew uses they/he pronouns and identifies proudly as disabled. Andrew is brimming over with full tilt loveability, humor, and naughtiness in the best possible way. So of course, he’s been featured or interviewed worldwide in popular media, such as the BBC, Huffington Post, and Out.com, several anthologies and many podcasts, such as Dan Savage’s “Savage Lovecast” discussing what is means to be, (quote), a queer cripple (unquote). He was the subject of an award winning National Film Board in the Canadadian Documentary “Picture This”. He is also the host of Disability After Dark: The Podcast Shining a Bright Light on Disability Stories which was nominated for a Canadian Podcast Award, a Queerty Award and was chosen as an Honoree at the 2020 Webby Awards. Andrew is also the creator of the viral hashtag #DisabledPeopleAreHot.

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Open Deeply podcast is not therapy or a replacement for therapy. Please know this episode has themes of sexual and emotional abuse and neglect. If you catch yourself becoming emotionally overwhelmed by this episode’s content, please get support. Call a friend, therapist, or an emotional support hotline, such as, 800-273-talk (8255).


Episode 17

by Kate Loree, Sunny Megtron