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by Kate Loree, Sunny Megtron
Open Deeply Podcast

Frenchie Davis - Black Divine Mermaid - Ep. 19


Frenchie Davis, Broadway babe and truth slayer, joins us for a second transparent and insightful episode of Open Deeply. In this episode, Frenchie reveals the amazing changes she manifested at Howard University in honor of her dear, deceased friend, Chadwick Boseman. She tells us her self-image shifting journey to Germany which took her from body shame to loving her fupa, wearing booty shorts, and going braless. She describes her blessed life post-narcissistic men embodying Eartha Kitt’s sentiment, “Compromise? For what?!” Frenchie calls out lesbians who slut shame those who are bi-sexual, such as herself. And as Frenchie describes the divine feminine as a Black mermaid who is a plus sized Goddess with a big booty, and big afro, we see the Goddess in her. We hope you join us for this empowering episode of Open Deeply.

Songbird, Broadway Babe, and Truthslayer, Frenchie Davis is a world-renowned vocalist from Los Angeles California and a graduate of Howard university. Her theatrical credits include the Broadway cast of RENT, Dreamgirls, Cinderella Enchanted, Jesus Christ Superstar and the national tour of Ain’t Misbehavin, for which she earned Grammy nomination. She was also a featured performer on Wanda Sykes’ Herlarious and she has done voice over work for the hit Nickelodeon cartoon, Wonder Pets. An outspoken advocate for Black, Brown, and LGBTQIA+ communities, Frenchie continues to wow audiences with her unique and versatile talent; and keeps them in stitches with her unapologetically witty outlook on life.

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Open Deeply podcast is not therapy or a replacement for therapy. Please know this episode has themes of sexual and emotional abuse and neglect. If you catch yourself becoming emotionally overwhelmed by this episode’s content, please get support. Call a friend, therapist, or an emotional support hotline, such as, 800-273-talk (8255).


Episode 19

by Kate Loree, Sunny Megtron