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by Kate Loree, Sunny Megtron
Open Deeply Podcast

Sunny Megatron, The Brene Brown of Kink - Ep 22


If there is anyone who embodies a plethora of kinktastic knowledge, it’s my co-host, Sunny Megatron. She’s a fountain of knowledge on everything from clown kink to humiliation play and has shaped many a psychotherapist into being kink-aware through her classes. In this episode, we chat about how Sunny originally got into kink, how she customizes her kink for her own needs, and how she has taught others how to shape their kink into their own tailor-made version of perverted fun. Sunny explains how she negotiates, takes her sub on a kinky roller coaster ride followed by rolling back into the station with after care specifically designed for them. Furthermore, Sunny describes both the potential emotional and somatic benefits of kink along with how it may impact us neurologically while always stressing that although kink can be therapeutic, it is not therapy. Please join us for this amazing episode of Open Deeply in which we all learn that BDSM is way more delightful fun than just ropes, paddles and floggers. Sunny's bio related to kink: Sunny began teaching about BDSM in 2010. Her area of expertise is the soft skills--which center around things like ethics, cultivating self-awareness, and strategies for effective communication. She received a FROST Certificate of Gratitude in 2020 honoring her service to the kink community, was voted XBIZ sexpert of the year in 2021, and Kinkly’s sex blogging superhero in 2017. Her alternative sexuality focused podcast American Sex was awarded the AASECT podcast award in 2020. Sunny also creates curriculum about BDSM for sexuality professionals. Some of her most recent projects include designing & teaching the BDSM unit for a well-known sex educator certification program plus a lesson for the Sexual Health Alliance’s Kink Informed Certification Program for therapists and other care professionals. Sunny’s first book, Customizable Kink: A Strategic Guide to Erotic Play is scheduled to be released in 2022. How to find Sunny Megatron: Website: http://sunnymegatron.com Facebook http://facebook.com/sunnymegatron Twitter http://twitter.com/sunnymegatron Instagram http://instagram.com/sunnymegatron Tiktok https://www.tiktok.com/@sunnymegatron YouTube https://www.youtube.com/sunnymegatron American Sex Podcast https://open.spotify.com/show/2HroMhWJnyZbMSsOBKwBnk How to find Kate Loree: Website http://kateloree.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kateloreelmft Twitter http://twitter.com/kateloreelmft Instagram http://instagram.com/opendeeplywithkateloree YouTube https://youtube.com/channel/UCSTFAqGYKW3sIUa0tKivbqQ Open Deeply podcast is not therapy or a replacement for therapy. Please know this episode has themes of sexual and emotional abuse and neglect. If you catch yourself becoming emotionally overwhelmed by this episode’s content, please get support. Call a friend, therapist, or an emotional support hotline, such as, 800-273-talk (8255).


Episode 22

by Kate Loree, Sunny Megtron