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An Excerpt From the Book "Pancakes For Roger" by Susan Combs


Susan Combs shares an excerpt from her book Pancakes For Roger
Episode 2399: An Excerpt From the Book "Pancakes For Roger" by Susan Combs on Slaying Personal Dragons
In a world that can feel shaky and uncertain at times, one fact holds true: nobody gets anywhere alone. Susan L. Combs has learned that lesson many times over, and she’s held onto the advice that has guided her on her journey—one that’s taken her from a tiny town in Missouri to the hustle of New York City. She’s faced immense grief and fostered immense growth, personally and
professionally. Through it all, she leaned on guidance from mentors in her life.
One of those key mentors was her father, Roger. He wore many hats: as a judge, a veteran and Two-Star Major General, a leader in his community, a loving husband . . . and, as we learn in
this book, one heck of a dad. Though he passed away in 2018, his legacy lives on in "Pancakes for Roger" and beyond, as a portion of the proceeds from this book benefits the University of
Missouri School of Law Veterans Clinic in his honor.
In "Pancakes for Roger"—a series of quick, straightforward snapshots delivered with no fluff and a whole lot of heart—Susan offers lessons from Roger and others so that you can lean on them, too, as you set out to slay your own dragons.
More about the book can be found here: pancakesforroger.com
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