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ORIGINS: A Speaker Series

Bernie Herman


Our featured panelist tonight, Bernie Herman, is one of the co-founders of the Eastern Shore of Virginia Foodways. Bernie is the author of the recently published book, A South You Never Ate: Savoring Flavors and Stories from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The book brings together over 100 recorded interviews on the foodways of Virginia's Eastern Shore as part of a larger endeavor undertaken around sustainable economic development through heritage foodways. He is currently working on a second volume along with a book of edited essays on the art of an African-American South.

Bernie Herman, George B. Tindall Distinguished Professor of Southern Studies and Folklore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, works on the material cultures of everyday life and the ways in which people furnish, inhabit, communicate, and understand the worlds of things. His interests extend to a larger universe of material culture including vernacular architecture, contemporary quilts and quilt making, food histories, and contemporary art by "self-taught" makers. His food writing has appeared in Saveur, Gravy, Organic Life and Southern Cultures. His community engagement through public presentations, workshops, and exhibitions derives from a deeply held belief that work of the arts and humanities finds its first calling in the public sphere.

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Episode 32

by Heritage Radio Network