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Gordon D'Arcy, England fallout, Transfer talk, GAA predictions, Crappy Quiz, The Open


Friday's #OTBAM podcast is here - Lions with Gordon D'Arcy, Football with Daniel Harris, GAA quick-picks, Golf with JD and the Crappy Quiz. Timestamps and topics below.
(01:00) - OTB AM is LIVE - Eoin at Bohs, u20s championship, Bryson's corporate mistake.
(21:30) - Rugby with Gordon D'Arcy.
(41:00) - Football with Daniel Harris.
(01:08:00) - GAA quick-picks - Adrian, Eoin, Will, Tommy.
(01:26:10) - Golf with John Duggan - Open update.
(01:32:00) - Sports Pages
(01:41:40) - The Crappy Quiz - Adrian vs. Nathan vs. Will
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