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Italian job, Spanish agenda, Hooked by Donovan, Rory and the US Open


Thursday's #OTBAM podcast is here - Graham Hunter talks Football as we focus on Italian football, Scotland and Spain. We hear from the Brogan's on our new Gillette series, talk Golf with Joe Molloy, Football with Tommy Rooney and Eric Donovan joins us to launch his new podcast. Timestamps and topics below.
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(01:00) - OTB AM is LIVE - Euros reaction
(17:50) - Graham Hunter on Spain, Scotland and Italy.
(38:20) - Eric Donovan talks Hooked on Health
(57:50) - Passing it on - Alan Brogan and Bernard Brogan Sr.
(01:18:50) - Sports News w/ JD
(01:32:30) - US Open - Joe Molloy
(01:49:20) - The Football Pod - reaction to Meath-Kildare and decision-making.
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