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by Outsiders Only
Outsiders Only: A SKYTEAR Podcast

44 - Excessive Spoiling /w Riccardo Neri


It's time for another dev update, this time with Elder Brother Riccardo! The crew chats with Riccardo about initial impressions and changes for season 2, his work behind the scenes with balancing rules and developing new cards, The Horde kickstarter, and....New Promo Yami Minis?!?! Riccardo also discusses some new cards and concepts in the Breach, and probably spoils more than Giacomo would like....guess we can blame Giacomo for not keeping dev notes under wraps. We also spoil another card, the yellow card %$@#&^%(@@ ! Join us for a riveting discussion and some laughs!

You can find the cast and our guest on the Skytear discord RG as RGCommander gmt-4#7829, Zaraghul as Zaraghul (GMT+2)#0088, Ryan as Kirito7#0959 and Riccardo as RiccardoNeri#1759.

Skytear Discord Server: https://discord.gg/GEB76gfzGp


(00:00) - Intro
(01:49) - Talking about Season 2
(11:46) - The Horde
(15:36) - Cosmetics and shooting practice?
(19:40) - most fun play
(21:02) - hero with the most iterations
(25:26) - card used diffenterely than designed
(26:59) - card that wasn't used as much as expected
(29:03) - most fun card that was never printed
(30:48) - Ryan trying to sneak into more spoilers
(31:33) - Riccardo getting away from that with jumping onto the next question
(36:14) - SPOILER ROUND #1
(43:39) - Giacomo's questions for his brother SPOILER ROUND #2
(1:00:44) - Outro


Episode 44

by Outsiders Only