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by Outsiders Only
Outsiders Only: A SKYTEAR Podcast

47 - "I'd rather sleep with a blow-up Khenui doll..." /w Pythoner


The king may have been dethroned, but Pythoner still had an impressive streak as King of the Dome. Join us as we talk about his perspectives on the series, how it feels to play during spoiler season, and discussion about important matters, including exposing Kirito's college days and whether grilled Astryda would be frowned upon. We wrap up with another sugoi Migraine segment as Ryan nearly gets ejected from the recording.

You can find the cast and our guest on the Skytear discord RG as RGCommander gmt-4#7829, Zaraghul as Zaraghul (UTC+2)#0088, Ryan as Kirito7#0959 and Pythoner as pythoner6#8940.

Skytear Discord Server: https://discord.gg/GEB76gfzGp


Episode 47

by Outsiders Only