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by Outsiders Only
Outsiders Only: A SKYTEAR Podcast

49 - Abandon the Game Store! /w MeanLady


After RG cursed the team with another long break in between recordings, the team is back with a new episode! RG attempts to offload his already minimal workload to automation, and yet it was not to be. Join the team as they talk with an up and coming member of the community, Alexis (MeanLady), and her fantastic contributions to the Colorado Skytear Scene. We learn about how she entered the Skytear scene, as well as some of her trade secrets to promoting community growth and engagement. Showdown returns with a debate that has raged since the beginning of Skytear: first player vs second player. Although not as quickfire as last time, this can be attributed to the more serious nature of the topic. Finally the Migraine comes back as we explore foreign language fun with Zaraghul and RG dies a little more inside at the word choices.

You can find the cast and our guest on the Skytear discord RG as RGCommander gmt-4#7829, Zaraghul as Zaraghul (UTC+2)#0088 and Alexis as meanlady#2804.

Skytear Discord Server: https://discord.gg/GEB76gfzGp


Episode 48

by Outsiders Only