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by Outsiders Only
Outsiders Only: A SKYTEAR Podcast

50 - Neri Cosplay Tiktok Dance/50th Episode Celebration with Padre!


It's happened. Somehow, someway, Outsiders Only has survived to episode 50. We're not sure how, but we appreciate you all. RG kicks off with a cryptic message, and then we immediately jump into a chat with Padre who has been spearheading the efforts in Poland, land of the glorious pierogi. Padre tells us about how he got started (spoilers, RG did a thing), and how he wants to help grow the Polish scene as time goes on. This week's Showdown features RG and Padre debating which card is better to remove from the game: presence or Hunting for Power. Zaraghul pulls an unprecedented stunt during the Migraine segment, and we also provide a brief update about the July WQ progress. Tune in!

You can find the cast and our guest on the Skytear discord RG as RGCommander gmt-4#7829, Zaraghul as Zaraghul (UTC+2)#0088 and Padre as padre (UTC +2)#9780.

Skytear Discord Server: https://discord.gg/GEB76gfzGp


Episode 50

by Outsiders Only