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by Outsiders Only
Outsiders Only: A SKYTEAR Podcast

51 - Guten Morgen with Outsiders Only!


Zaraghul had an unexpected block of free time, so we decided to bang out a quick episode of Outsiders Only! On today's episode we give a brief update of the events currently going on, as well as those shortly coming up for all things Skytear. RG and Zaraghul drop a few more vague hints and comments about the upcoming set and then decide to implement Padre's idea of deck topics! We talk about Top 5 overall cards, top 3 personal favorites, and push deck heroes/combos. Join us and maybe get some ideas to inspire your own deck building!

You can find the cast on the Skytear discord RG as RGCommander gmt-4#7829 and Zaraghul as Zaraghul (UTC+2)#0088.

Skytear Discord Server: https://discord.gg/GEB76gfzGp


Episode 51

by Outsiders Only