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46. Q+A: Feeding a Large Family, Homeschooling Multiple Ages, Work Time and More...


Feeding a large family, homeschooling a wide variety of ages, scheduling work time and more….

Every week on the podcast, I’m releasing a bonus Q+A episode full of your questions. I’ve seen other podcasters do this and I love listening in to the random questions that come in.

This week, we’re talking feeding a large family without feeling like you’re drowning, homeschooling all the ages, scheduling work time, and lots more!

Below you’ll find the show notes and the list of questions and their timestamps.

SHOW NOTES: https://www.aliciahutchinson.com/46/

1. [1:26] When homeschooling such a wide range, how do you manage time for everyone each day? Help! 2. [5:34] How can we get Noah + Kait to fall in love? Jack + Clara?? Not weird, right?? 3. [6:13] Feeding a large family with a baby in the house? Feels like I’m drowning! 4. [9:42] Share some of your homeschooling high school experiences + wisdom! 5. [14:12] How do you schedule work time and stick to it?