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by Steph Grant
Overthinking with Steph

S1E6 PT.1 Tinder Meetups + The Dinosaur Ride + Overthinking Makeouts


Safe to say, I haven’t overthought putting out an episode this much since... EVER. Part 1 of 2 with Hillary Fortin.

Being raised in a strict, conservative and religious environment, I’ve learned that there is extreme shame and anxiety surrounding topics such as sex, hooking up, making out, monogamy, polyamory, and STDs. You know, topics that “a good girl” should keep quiet about (or so I was told).

I started this podcast as a way to combat this mindset by having the hard conversations that make us uncomfortable. As an adult, I still get a sick stomach thinking about discussing these very important and NORMAL parts of life. I’m tired of that shame, and I’m done hiding.


Episode 6

Season 1

by Steph Grant