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by John Taylor
Pairs With Life

Pairs With Erickson and Caradin Chardonnay and The Bumble Swipe Session


In March of 2020, Tinder recorded its highest 1-day total of swipes: 3 billion. Without a doubt, the pandemic has cemented online dating apps as the go-to way to find the potential Love of Your Life (or perhaps Love of This Week). So, I figured it was time to revisit the scene and do a little swiping with Bethany Nicole, an LA-based writer and relationship expert. We created Bumble profiles, then discussed why we chose to swipe left or swipe right – a little exchange of perspectives if you will. Among the take-home lessons: everybody loves hiking, and dick pics are still a thing. A bad thing, but a thing nonetheless.

Speaking of online dating apps (well, not at all, actually), I also announce a big change to the program…one that leads to this amazeballs Erickson & Caradin Sonoma County Chardonnay that you can get for only $16 by going here.

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Episode 97

Season 3

by John Taylor