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Scarless engineering of the Drosophila genome near any site-specific integration site


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Authors: Feng, S., Lu, S., Grueber, W. B., Mann, R. S.

We describe a simple and efficient technique that allows scarless engineering of Drosophila genomic sequences near any landing site containing an inverted attP cassette, such as a MiMIC insertion. This 2-step method combines phiC31 integrase mediated site-specific integration and homing nuclease mediated resolution of local duplications, efficiently converting the original landing site allele to modified alleles that only have the desired change(s). Dominant markers incorporated into this method allow correct individual flies to be efficiently identified at each step. In principle, single attP sites and FRT sites are also valid landing sites. Given the large and increasing number of landing site lines available in the fly community, this method provides an easy and fast way to efficiently edit the majority of the Drosophila genome in a scarless manner. This technique should also be applicable to other species.

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