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by King Lobster Krew
Papineau Podcast

King Lobster Krew presents: Papineau Podcast Ep. 9 - Talkin' bout The Mermen at the Haunted House (1995)


The Mermen are a contemporary surf/psychedelic power trio that formed in 1989. Their music is not pigeon held to any one genre, however, and usually flows between punk, stoner metal, and even rockabilly in addition to surf and psych-rock. At The Haunted House does a fantastic job of capturing live, off-the-floor, energy and is reminiscent of that classic diy sound; but performed at a higher level than one usually gets to hear from most local diy acts. Great for headbanging alone, probably even better live. 84% on the Lobster Meter.


Episode 9

Season 1

by King Lobster Krew