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Parent Footprint with Dr. Dan

RE-RELEASE: Reparenting with Georgia Hardstark


Happy Thanksgiving! Today we re-release the episode Reparenting with Georgia Hardstark which originally aired as our Exactly Right/Parent Footprint with Dr. Dan debut. 

Guest Georgia Hardstark is co-host of the true crime and comedy podcast My Favorite Murder and co-founder of the Exactly Right network.  On Reparenting with Georgia Hardstark, Dr. Dan and Georgia, who are also cousins, give insight into their family and beloved grandmother and discuss Georgia's openness about her mental health, including her addiction and recovery. The underlying theme of the episode is how to re-parent yourself in a loving and compassionate way.

In addition to My Favorite Murder and Exactly Right, Georgia Hardstark is the co-author of the bestselling memoirStay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered. She lives in California with her husband and pets. 

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