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Parenting Autism

E85: Working through Anxiety Behaviors and Delayed Language/Comprehension

This episode is a discussion about the how we are seeing progress with Bryce's anxiety with balloons and thunderstorms while dealing with new anxiety of supply shortages. We also talk about how we are seeing his deficits in language and comprehension as Bryce is working with a new 3rd grade curriculum as well as more advanced conversation topics with his ABA team.

We are certainly grateful for all of his progress and know that development will come in Bryce's timing (and more specifically God's timing). God had created Bryce's brain and we just continue to pray for wisdom and direction to help him.

Bryce is a funny, mechanical, HAPPY little guy who was diagnosed with autism at age two and is now eight years old. His pure joy makes this world a much better place!

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We are humbled and honored to follow our calling and be Autism Ambassadors while helping others understand our world a little more than they did before listening to the podcast. We also feel called to bring light to a community that has experienced dark days after the "diagnosis". (Luke 1:79)

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