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by Nick Smith
Parenting Teens: A Christian Perspective on Navigating Culture

Understanding and Engaging Gen Z


I'm your host, Nick Smith. I serve as the student and recovery pastor at my local Church in Pickens, South Carolina. If you have questions or thoughts you would like to share; you can reach me through email at nick@eastpickens.org

Our Guest: Dr. Tim McKnight is the Associate Professor of Missions and Youth Ministry and Director of the Global Center for Youth Ministry at Anderson University. He is lead pastor and planter of a new multiethnic church plant, Mosaic Church of Anderson. Tim is a speaker with Clayton King Ministries, the author of No Better Gospel and Raising the Bar (Second Edition (Kregel 2019), and editor of Navigating Youth Ministry (B&H Academic 2020).

Questions that were discussed:

  • What is Gen Z? ~1999-2015
  • What are some of the Challenges to parent and make disciples of Gen Z? 
  • What are some of the unique strengths of Gen Z? 
  • What advice would you give parents of Gen Z teens that would help them curate an authentic and passionate faith in Jesus?

A Quick look at the book: 

Part 1: Test Time: Does Youth Ministry Pass? 

  • The World Has Changed, but the Gospel Has Not: Analyzing the Current Culture of Student Ministry
  • Meet Generation Z: The Next Great Generation
  • The Potency of Expectancy: Why We Can Be Optimistic
  • Truth or Consequences: Biblical Teaching Confronts Contemporary Practice
  • Entertaining Children or Assembling an Army?: Lessons from History
  • From the Parachurch to the Local Church: A Brief History of Youth Ministry
  • Teaching the Youth Well: Building a Ministry on the Word

Part 2: Reinventing Youth Ministry

  • Habitual Love: Stirring the Affections of Youth
  • Get Real: Sharing Jesus Consistently
  • Life is Worship: Recalibrating the Focus of Students
  • Advice to Parents: It's Time to Grow Up
  • Meanwhile, Back at the Church: Staff Relations and Leading a Ministry
  • Rites of Passage: Seasons of Change
  • Conclusion: Raise the Bar

Book \ Engaging Gen Z: Raising the Bar for Youth Ministry

Want to book a speaking engagement? Email Tim McKnight at tim@1disciple.com
Tim McKnight's Blog: https://www.1disciple.com/blog/author/tim/


Episode 2

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by Nick Smith