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by Dr. Cam
Parenting Teens with Dr. Cam

Inside the Teen Brain with Dr. Ian Chen


In this episode, Dr. Cam talks with Dr. Ian Chen (@chenmedimo), an adolescent medicine expert and researcher.

Dr. Chen’s research combines psychology, medicine, neuroscience and mathematical modelling together in order to understand the development of the adolescent brain and to help young people become more resilient. He continues to research brain maturation using EEG and brain imaging techniques as part of the research and development at the new mental health institution that he is heading, Chen Medimo Corp.

Dr. Chen and Dr. Cam talk about:

  1. What brain imaging technologies show us about brain maturation
  2. The difference between mental health and mental performance
  3. The impact of technology on the developing brain and its social ramifications.
  4. How to use this information to build resilience and detect warning signs.


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Episode 108

by Dr. Cam