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by Louie Giglio
Passion + Purpose Podcast

How to Find Inspiration and Fuel Your Passion with Ray Collins


Where does inspiration come from and how can you cultivate that creative spark that's uniquely stirring within your heart? How can excellent work and deep passion open doors you never thought possible and lead you down paths you never knew existed? These are just a few of the many insights that Award-Winning Wave Photographer Ray Collins speaks to during Louie's most recent conversation on the Passion + Purpose Podcast.



Ray Collins is from Thirroul in New South Wales, Australia. He discovered photography in 2007 following a tragic accident that left him unable to walk for several months. His love of the ocean led him to begin photographing his local surfing friends, within a few months he had captured the surfing worldʼs attention by gracing the front covers of several international magazines with his fresh perspective and his willingness to risk his personal safety to get the shot.

A few years later his photography morphed from surfing to waves with the “aim is to show the ocean as a living, breathing thing. To document it in all of it’s intimidating strengths; and to bring awareness to its delicate fragility."

Check out Ray’s work and more of his powerful story over at https://raycollinsphoto.com


Episode 4

Season 1

by Louie Giglio