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by Mike Badger
Pastured Poultry Talk

Community Q&A Plus a Monologue on Heritage Poultry's Role in Pastured


I close out the pastured poultry training series with a live streamed Q&A between Terrell Spencer from The Fighting Farmer and myself. We went live on Facebook and fielded questions from our listeners, and this episode of the podcast includes an edited version of that conversation. If you want to watch a replay of the stream, find it on YouTube.

Before we work into the questions, I offer some thoughts on heritage poultry's potential role in pastured community. APPPA has recently started to focus on breeding specific topics and offers monthly livestreams on breeding. Check out APPPA's work here.

We cover a range of topics on this episode including:

  • Using a Poultry Man Plucker to improve processing efficiency
  • Discussing value-added poultry products and ground chicken
  • The number one resource for all new pastured poultry producers
  • Spence shares some knowledge on chicken sausage, including a way to sell hearts for $10 a pound
  • Canadians are welcome in APPPA
  • Spence touches on some USDA processing facility challenges, such as how do you keep the plant full in winter
  • Making hay from chickens
  • Part of pastured poultry is nutrient management
  • What kind of feed should i buy -non-gmo, etc.
  • Egg washing equipment
  • Mike breaks some soy-free pullet news

Pastured Poultry Training Series

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Episode 109

by Mike Badger