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by Mike Badger
Pastured Poultry Talk

USDA Greenwashes Pastured Poultry


The Pastured Poultry Talk podcast is back in 2020 with an episode about label deceit, also known as greenwashing. I tie the USDA's updated label guidelines, the APPPA conference, and some recent greenwashing misidentifications from the pastured poultry community in the same discussion. It's increasingly clear (and not all that surprising) that not everyone has the same understanding about what pastured poultry is and why it's important.

Marketing against misleading labeling claims requires clarity. In this episode, I attempt to provide some clarity so we can move forward in unison.

USDA's Free Range is Synonymous with Pasture Raised Claim

The Synonymous Claim: The following FSIS opinion is noted in the Federal Register announcing the updated label claim guidelines. Added information on the use of ‘‘Free Range’’ and synonymous claims (‘‘Free roaming,’’ ‘‘Pasture Fed,’’ ‘‘Pasture Grown,’’ ‘‘Pasture Raised,’’ and ‘‘Meadow Raised’’) on labels of poultry products and the documentation needed to substantiate these claims.

Looking to Comment on USDA's December 2019 label guidelines for animal raising claims? Here are the links you need. Deadline is February 25, 2020.


Episode 99

by Mike Badger