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by Kevin Jackson
Payday Pursuit: From Side Hustle to Dream Job

Using Social Media to Make Money with Wave Wyld


This episode will be a bit unlike previous episodes, I do still have an expert interview but I also have my own personal experience to tie in as well. Today's episode is all about growing and monetizing a social media platform, whether it be for your business or just your own personality. I am joined by Wave Wyld (@WaveWyld on Instagram or @TikTokBizTips on TikTok) who has grown a following by teaching others how to do the same! She is a personal brand coach and has mastered the art of social media algorithms! In this episode, I decided to lend my own personal opinion about how I personally have grown a social media following so quickly and what kind of monetary benefits come with that, while Wave and I will discuss the more nitty-gritty aspects of creating a following for yourself and what you can do in order to make the road to many followers much easier! You can find any other links for me at PaydayPursuit.com and please be sure to go show Wave your support as well!

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by Kevin Jackson