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Lit. Update Aug 2021 with Jennifer Beck


Jennifer Beck from UCLA and the Orthopaedic Institute for Children joins us to discuss bone health in children including how to incentivize patients to take their vitamin D and relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S). We also discuss some of Dr. Beck's preferences for ACL reconstruction and highlight new literature on screening for cervical instability in Down Syndrome, implant selection for Triplanes, whether ankle fractures with syndesmosis injuries do worse, and more! Your hosts are Carter Clement from Children's Hospital of New Orleans and Josh Holt from University of Iowa. Music by A.A. Alto. Featured article: What is New in Pediatric Bone Health? Jennifer J Beck, Susan T Mahan, Philip Nowicki, Verena M Schreiber, Barbara Minkowitz. JPO. Sept 2021. Lightning Round: 1. Repeat Pediatric Trisomy 21 Radiographic Exam: Does Atlantoaxial Instability Develop Over Time? Jennifer M Bauer, Virkamal K Dhaliwal, Samuel R Browd, Walter F Krengel 3rd. JPO. Sept 2021. 2. Comparison of K-wire versus screw fixation after open reduction of transitional (Tillaux and triplane) distal tibia fractures. Neeraj Mishra, Shiyao Wang, Zackary Kerk Hsiang Chua, Kai Yet Lam, Arjandas Mahadev. JPO B. Sept 2021. 3. Local Bone Grafting Is Sufficient for Instrumented Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Surgery: A Preliminary Study. Alper Yataganbaba, Abhay Gahukamble, Georgia Antoniou, Brian J C Freeman, Peter J Cundy. JPO. Sept 2021. 4. Functional outcomes of unstable ankle fractures with and without syndesmotic fixation in the adolescent population. Conner J. Paez, Benjamin M. Lurie, Vidyadhar V. Upasani, Andrew T. Pennock. JCO. Online June 2021. 5. Radiographic Coronal Imbalance and Shoulder Asymmetry Continue to Improve Between 2 and 5 Years Following Surgery of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. Hughes, Jessica; Bastrom, Tracey P.; Bartley, Carrie E.; Newton, Peter O. MD; Parent, Stefan; Cahill, Patrick J.; Lonner, Baron MD; Shah, Suken A.; Samdani, Amer; Harms Study Group; Yaszay, Burt MD. JPO. Aug 2021. 6. Comparison of Surgical Outcomes for Distal Rectus Femoris Transfer and Resection Surgeries in Children With Cerebral Palsy With Stiff Knee Gait. Jose J Salazar-Torres, Chris Church, Thomas Shields, Nancy Lennon, M Wade Shrader, Julieanne P Sees, Freeman Miller. JPO. Sept 2021.


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