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Lit. Update October 2021 with Muharrem Yazici


FIRST TRANS-ATLANTIC EPISODE featuring special guest and SRS immediate past-president Dr. Muharrem Yazici from Ankara, Turkey. Featured discussion focuses on graduation strategies for Early-Onset scoliosis patients treated with distraction-based growing rods. We also dive into other recent studies in the lightning round discussing long-term follow-up of discoid meniscus surgery, THA in patients with open tri-radiates, the use of antibiotics in supracondylar humerus fractures, and what steps individuals can take to promote diversity in orthopedic surgery. Your hosts are Craig Louer from Vanderbilt University, Josh Holt from The University of Iowa, and Carter Clement from Children’s Hospital of New Orleans. Music by A.A. Alto.

Links: pedsorthopodcast@gmail.com Twitter: @CraigLouer Twitter: @CarterClementMD

High-Yield OITE Webinar Link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/4916341745008/WN_NnSH1O0TTpSvhFLiCBUxhQ Featured article: Clinical Outcomes of 3-column Osteotomy at Growing Rod Graduation Cayli, Cem MD*; Dursun, Gokay MD*; Cetik, R. Mert MD*; Ramazanov, Rafik MD†; Demirkiran, H. Gokhan MD*; Ayvaz, Mehmet MD*; Yazici, Muharrem MD* Hacettepe University Hospital, Ankara, Turkey.

Lightning Round:

Rate of Scoliosis Correction After Anterior Spinal Growth Tethering for Idiopathic Scoliosis Takahashi, Yohei, MD; Saito, Wataru, MD, PhD; Yaszay, Burt, MD; Bartley, Carrie E., MA; Bastrom, Tracey P., MA; Newton, Peter O., MD; The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery - Scientific Articles: 08 July 2021 - Volume 103 - Issue 18 - p. 1718-1723

Minimally Invasive Fusionless Surgery for Scoliosis in Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Long-term Follow-up Results in a Series of 59 Patients Mathilde Gaume, Etienne Saudeau, Marta Gomez-Garcia de la Banda, Viviane Azzi-Salameh, Blaise Mbieleu, Delphine Verollet, Audrey Benezit, Jean Bergounioux, Aben Essid, Isabelle Doehring, Ivana Dabaj, Isabelle Desguerre, Christine Barnerias, Vicken Topouchian, Christophe Glorion, Susana Quijano-Roy, Lotfi Miladi

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Efficacy of Antibiotics in Supracondylar Fractures Bhatt, Etasha MD*; Ridley, Taylor J. MD†; Kruckeberg, Bradley MD‡; Quanbeck, Zachary MD*; Quanbeck, Deborah S. MD*,§,∥; Schiffern, Alison MD*,§,∥

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