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Special Edition - Live at POSNA2021 with Collin May, Coleen Sabatini, Jon Schoenecker, & Salil Upasani


Special Edition recorded as a live panel at the POSNA2021 Annual Meeting with content from the first day of scientific presentations covering Trauma and Infection. Featured authors include Drs. Collin May of Boston Children's Hospital, Coleen Sabatini of UCSF, Jon Schoenecker of Vanderbilt, and Salil Upasani of Rady Children's Hospital.

Your hosts are Carter Clement from Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, Nick Fletcher from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta/Emory, Josh Holt from University of Iowa, & Craig Louer from Vanderbilt University. Music by A. A. Alto.

Abstracts discussed with the Case Pictures:

Abstract #14:

Intraoperative Internal Rotation Stress Test in Displaced Pediatric Supracondylar Humerus Fractures Improves Outcomes. Andrew Bateman Rees; Jacob Schultz; Lucas C. Wollenman; Stephanie N. Moore-Lotridge PhD; Jeffrey E. Martus MD; Gregory A. Mencio MD; Jonathan G. Schoenecker MD

Abstract #16:

Operative Versus Non-operative Treatment of Z-Type Comminuted Clavicle Fractures in Adolescents: A Substratified Cohort Analysis. Coleen S. Sabatini MD; Eric W. Edmonds MD; Elizabeth Liotta; Katelyn Hergott; Donald S. Bae MD; Michael T. Busch MD; Henry Bone Ellis MD; Mininder S. Kocher MD; G Ying Li MD; Jeffrey Jerome Nepple MD; Nirav Kiritkumar Pandya MD; Andrew Pennock MD; Crystal Perkins MD; David D. Spence MD; David Williams PhD; Samuel Clifton Willimon MD; Philip Wilson MD; Benton E. Heyworth MD

Abstract #8

Practice Variation in the Surgical Management of Children with Non-Abscess Forming Acute Osteomyelitis: Policy or Clinical Judgement. Vidyadhar S V Upasani MD; Jessica Davis Burns MD; Tracey P. Bastrom MA; Keith D. Baldwin MD; Jonathan G. Schoenecker MD; Benjamin J. Shore MD.

Abstract #19

Management of Syndesmotic Injuries in Children and Adolescents: Results of a Cross-Sectional Survey. Caroline Williams; Benjamin J. Shore MD; Nicholas Sullivan; Blair Stewig; Dennis Kramer MD; Yi-Meng Yen MD; Collin May MD.

For further information, see annual meeting program and abstracts:

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