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Marian Paiu - Stopping Plastic with Science


This week we speak to Marian Pau, Project Manager at Mare Nostrum, a Romanian NGO that serves to protect the ecosystem and biodiversity of the Black Sea. As an expert on Cetaceans, Marian's depth of knowledge on the Black Sea and the effects that plastic pollution has on the animals within it is eye-opening and touching. With the help of an SOA Grant, Mare Nostrum has expanded their science-based beach clean-ups in which they not only collect trash with the help of trained volunteers but also gather detailed records of the types and sources of the collected waste. Marian and his colleagues were also able to start the SOA Black Sea Hub. Marian's story reminds us to do whatever we can in our own lives to help protect the ecosystems we rely on.


Find out more about Marian and his work:


Beach Clean-Up Project

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Episode 4

by People Taking Action