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by People Taking Action
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Shuhei & Kokoro - Spreading Love for the Ocean


In this final episode of season three, we speak with Shuhei Tashiro, co-founder of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance Japan Hub, and Kokoro Watanabe, an integral member of the Hub with the title of Investigator. Shuhei is a masters student studying Anthropology at Heidelberg University in Germany, whilst Kokoro is a Biotechnology in Japan with a strong interest in marine biology, but they both have a deep passion for all things ocean! Together we talk about their journey in founding and working for the SOA Japan Hub, and reflect on the joys and challenges of spreading ocean awareness. Closing off the season in a meaningful way, Shuhei and Kokoro remind us of the love for our environment that we all experience in our own way.


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Episode 10

by People Taking Action