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by First Metro Securities
Philippine Stock Market Weekly

Assessing the Health of the Economy with Ser Percival K. Peña-Reyes


Host and Research Analyst, Royce Aguilar is joined by Ser Percival Peña-Reyes, Ph.D., Associate Director at the Ateneo Center for Economic Research and Development, an experienced teacher and researcher with an extensive background in Economics. 

The two describes the economic data highlighted by the government and what we're seeing firsthand. They also discuss about restoring confidence amidst the pandemic, the investors' concerns on the rising inflation, and stimulating the digital economy as the government continues to push through with community quarantines across the country. 

In this episode, we also touched on the country's debt profile and which sectors are on the verge of a strong rebound in the next months or quarter. Learn more in this episode of our podcast series. #YourFutureFirst


Episode 44

by First Metro Securities